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Welcome to Conflux documentation contributing guide! This page serves as an index and introduction to the various contribution guidelines and reward systems we have in place to recognize and encourage community involvement.

How to Contribute

This section outlines the various ways you can contribute to our documentation site. Whether it's by pointing out a mistake, providing translations, creating visual aids, suggesting improvements, or writing content, every contribution is valuable. We provide detailed steps on how to report issues, submit changes, and help with translations to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for our contributors.

Reward Guidelines

Our Contribution Reward Guidelines are designed to acknowledge the efforts of our community members. By participating and contributing to our platform, you can earn FansCoin (FC) as a token of our appreciation. This document explains the reward system in detail, including the types of contributions that are eligible for rewards and the FC amounts associated with each category of contribution.

Contributor POAPs

In addition to FC rewards, we also issue Contributor POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) to recognize ongoing participation and significant contributions to our documentation site. POAPs are a way of showing gratitude for the time and effort put into the project and serve as a badge of honor within our community. This section explains the criteria for earning POAPs, the contract addresses for claiming them, and the special recognition given for exceptional contributions.