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Documentation Overview

Welcome to the Conflux Network Developer Portal! This comprehensive portal is designed to guide you through the complexities of Conflux Network, a high-performance, decentralized blockchain network. Here, you'll find detailed summaries of the platform's foundational concepts, tools, and guidelines.

Conflux Network have two spaces: Core Space and eSpace, the develop experience of Core Space and eSpace are different, check docs below for how to start build on each space.

If you have any questions regarding the documentation, feel free to create an issue, send feedback emails to or join our Discord channel to engage in discussions with us.


User GuideA guide for users on configuring MetaMask to interact with Conflux's eSpace.
Developer QuickstartA quickstart guide for Ethereum developers to configure their development environment for interaction with Conflux's eSpace.
Developer TutorialsDeveloper tutorials for building on Conflux's eSpace, including contract deployment and verification.
Cross Space BridgeLearn about the cross-space bridge, enabling seamless transfer of assets and data between Conflux's eSpace and Core Space.
Network RPC EndpointsFind a list of network endpoints for eSpace.
EVM CompatibilityUnderstand eSpace's VM compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), facilitating the deployment of EVM-compatible smart contracts and dApps on Conflux.
JSON-RPC CompatibilityDiscover eSpace's JSON-RPC compatibility with Ethereum RPCs.

Core Space

Getting Started with Core SpaceBegin your journey in Conflux's Core Space, understanding its fundamental concepts and operations.
Developer QuickstartA quickstart guide for developers to use js-conflux-sdk to send their first Core Space transaction.
Developer TutorialsDeveloper tutorials for building on Core Space, covering contract deployment, contract verification, and Sponsorship.
Core Space BasicsLearn about the foundational concepts of Conflux's Core Space, including accounts, transactions, and gas.
Core Space TransactionsLearn about everything about Core Space Transactions, including tx fields, lifecycle, common errors
Core Space Network RPC EndpointsFind a list of network endpoints for Conflux's Core Space.
Core Space JSON-RPC ReferenceLearn about the JSON-RPC protocols in Core Space for remote procedures.
StorageUnderstand Conflux's Collateral for Storage (CFS) mechanism, a more fair and reasonable pricing method for using storage in Conflux Core Space, compared to Ethereum.
Sponsorship MechanismDiscover Conflux’s gas sponsorship mechanism, which facilitates smart contract usage without gas costs, allowing sponsored contract executions even by new, zero-balance accounts.
Internal ContractsConflux introduces several built-in internal contracts for improved system maintenance and on-chain governance in Core Space, including AdminControl, SponsorWhitelistControl, Staking, ConfluxContext, PoSRegister, and ParamsControl.
Run a NodeFamiliarize yourself with the process of setting up and operating a Conflux node, becoming an integral part of the network.

Understanding the Conflux Network

SpacesExplore the dual-space ecosystem of Conflux, facilitating seamless integration of Conflux-format and Ethereum-format transactions within a single network.
Consensus MechanismDiscover Conflux's hybrid PoW-PoS consensus mechanism, combining Proof of Work with Proof of Stake for enhanced security and performance.
TreeGraph & GHASTLearn about the TreeGraph blockchain structure and GHAST algorithm, foundational components of Conflux's Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism.
Proof Of StakeUnderstand Conflux's Proof of Stake (PoS) as a part of its hybrid PoW-PoS consensus mechanism, enhancing security and performance.
EconomicsAn introduction to the economic model of Conflux, including the native token, CFX, and its utility within the network.
GovernanceOverview of Conflux Governance.
Research PapersThe Conflux Network is built on a foundation of rigorous research. This section provides a collection of Conflux's research papers, including the original whitepaper, detailing the network's innovative consensus mechanism.
Conflux_Protocol_SpecificationThe Conflux yellow paper.
AccountsLearn about network accounts, capable of holding balances and initiating transactions.
TransactionsExplore transactions – transfers and other actions that modify Conflux's state. This section also elucidates the unique aspects of Conflux transaction lifecycle, distinct from Ethereum's model.
GasLearn about the gas mechanism in Conflux, used to compute transaction costs and incentivize network operations.


ContributingLearn how you can contribute to improving the Conflux Network documentation portal, sharing expertise, and collaborating with the community.
GrantsDive into the Conflux Foundation's Grants Program, designed to support innovative projects and ideas that contribute to the growth and development of the Conflux Network. This section details the types of grants available, application processes, and criteria for evaluation, providing a comprehensive guide for potential applicants seeking financial support for their projects within the Conflux ecosystem.