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This page is created to provide information for CORE SPACE ACCOUNTS. Refer to General-Accounts for the overall introduction of the concept of ACCOUNTS.

Account Address

An account is identified by its address. For more information, refer to Address

Account State


The account state can be queried using cfx_getAccount RPC.

// Request
curl --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"cfx_getAccount","params":["cfx:type.contract:acc7uawf5ubtnmezvhu9dhc6sghea0403y2dgpyfjp", "latest_state"],"id":1}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" localhost:12539

// Result
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"accumulatedInterestReturn": "0x0",
"balance": "0x0",
"codeHash": "0x45fed62dd2b7c5ed76a63628ddc811e69bb5770cf31dd55647ca219aaee5434f",
"collateralForStorage": "0x0",
"nonce": "0x1",
"stakingBalance": "0x0"
"id": 1


The global state of Conflux is composed of individual account states, each of which is an address-state pair (key pair).

A Conflux account state includes five parts:

  • Basic state is the basic state of the account.
  • Storage state is a key/value database or storage space that can be used to store custom states or data of smart contracts.
  • Code information is the code information of the smart contract account. It includes the contract codes and the address of the account that paid the fee for the storage space occupied by the codes.
  • Staking deposit list is the list of Staking operations of the accounts (it will be removed in the next Hardfork).
  • Staking vote lock list is the list of lock operations performed by the account to participate in DAO voting.

The basic status of the account consists of eight fields as follows:

  • Nonce is a counter to keep track of the number of transactions sent by an account. It is also used to ensure that each transaction can only be executed once. For contract accounts, this value indicates the number of contracts created by this contract.
  • Balance is the number of CFX of the address in Drip. Drip is the smallest unit of CFX, where 1CFX=1018 Drip.
  • CodeHash is the hash of the code of the contract account. The user can reference the contract code, the code cannot be modified after the contract is created. The code will be executed when the contract receives a message call. For external accounts, codeHash is a hash of an empty string.
  • StakingBalance is the balance of the staked amount. Similarly, the unit is Drip.
  • Admin is the administrator address of the contract account recorded in the AdminControl internal contract. In default, the contract administrator is set to the account which deployed this contract when it is created. The administrator can destroy the contract it manages through the internal contract AdminControl, or give the administrator role to another account. The administrator address of an external account is itself.
  • SponsorInfo is the information of the contract sponsor. It contains sponsor for gas, sponsor for collateral, sponsor gas limit, sponsor balance for gas, and sponsor balance for collateral.
  • StorageCollateral is the amount of Drip staked to use the storage spaces.
  • AccumulatedInterestReturn is the amount of cumulative reward of the account from Staking. The unit of it is Drip. Starting with Conflux 2.0, users must also participate in PoS in order to receive the reward.

For more details about accounts, please refer to the Accounts section in Conflux Protocol Specification.