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Running a PoS Staking Pool

In this section we present a guide for how to deploy, configure and manage a POS Pool that will allow CFX holders to join to the PoS protocol just interacting with the front-end application of the PoS Pool and without dealing with the technical complexities.

Reference Architecture


Please note this configuration guide is to do the technical setup of the PoS Pool staking environment.

Conflux PoS Pool configuration has two major components: Interface application and full node. It needs technical knowledge for configuration of instances, ports, contracts deployment and storage configuration.

The configuration of a reverse proxy and a firewall is recommended but is out of the scope of this guide.


conflux-fans/pos-pool is a open source project that provides a PoS Pool interface and a PoS Pool contract. We can use it to setup a PoS Pool dApp.


The POS Pool operator needs to have the infrastructure to run the following:

  • A full/archive node
  • A Web Server Farm, or a single web server to run the POS Pool application

Run a full/archive node

First of all, we need to run a full/archive node following the instructions in the Conflux documentation.

Deploy PoS Pool Contract

Then we need to deploy the PoS Pool contract following the instructions in pos-pool's documentation.

Setup Pool Interface

Finally, we need to setup the PoS Pool interface following the instructions


Conflux-fans/pos-pool is just a reference implementation of a PoS Pool. Use it at your own risk. If you have encountered any problems, you can check it's documentation, faqs and issues.