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What to Do Next?


This page is mainly about Conflux Core Space. Refer to eSpace for the guide of eSpace.

After installing your wallet and finish your first transaction by claiming CFX in testnet faucet, you may wonder what to do next. Here are some suggestions and links to help you explore the Conflux network and its ecosystem.

  • Learn more about Conflux. If you want to learn more about Conflux's technical principles and architecture, you can refer to the Core Space Basics and papers. The unique concepts, such as storage, base32 format addresses and sponsor mechanism are vital for Conflux users and developers.
  • Participate in Conflux's governance/community. Learn how Conflux's governance works here. You can also join the Conflux forum and the Discord channel for more information.
  • Run a Conflux Node. If you want to run a Conflux node and sync with the network, you can refer to Run a Node for more information.
  • Mine and Stake in Conflux. If you want to mine CFX tokens and contribute to the security of the Conflux network, you can refer to Mining & Staking for more information.
  • Develop for Conflux. If you want to develop your own smart contracts or DApps and deploy them on the Conflux network, you can explore our developer tutorial or tutorials to learn how to develop in Core Space step-by-step , or you also refer to Build(Core Space) for more documentation help. There are also SDKs and tools to simplify your development process.