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For dApp Developers

Decentralized Applications, or dApps, represent the next generation of app development, leveraging blockchain's potential to offer a more transparent, secure, and user-centric digital experience. The key differentiation lies in the backend: instead of relying on centralized servers, dApps use blockchain as their backbone. As dApps allow for direct integration with users' wallets, they can facilitate seamless and trustless peer-to-peer interactions.

Each step of the journey to build a dApp offers unique considerations, insights, and challenges. Below are several sections with summarized descriptions to guide developers through a wealth of internal resources available:

Basics for Conflux Development

TitleDescriptionKey Subjects
Getting Started on Core Space & eSpaceUser guides for Conflux Core Space and Conflux eSpaceWallet installation, Testnet faucet, User guide
Network endpoints: Core & eSpacePublic network endpoints of Conflux Core Space and Conflux eSpace, enabling you to connect to blockchain via JSON-RPCChain id, Network endpoints
SDKs or Tools for Core Space & eSpaceSDKs and Tools to assist in building web3 applicationsSDK, Toolchain, Hardhat

Become Acquainted With Smart Contracts

TitleDescriptionKey Subjects
Introduction to Smart ContractsAn overview and basic introduction to smart contractsConcept
Smart Contracts DevelopmentBasic understanding of how to develop smart contracts, including the smart contracts development workflow, elementary Solidity syntax, and prevalent token standardsSolidity, Token Standard
How to Deploy Contract on eSpaceGuidelines on how to utilize build tools (like hardhat, remix) to deploy contracts in Conflux eSpaceHardhat, Remix, Thirdweb

Frontend Development

TitleDescriptionKey Subjects
Fluent IntegrationGuidance on integrating Fluent wallet into your frontendWallet Connection, Fluent wallet
use-walletuse-wallet is a front-end oriented wallet hooks library designed to provide swift development support for lightweight dapps. use-wallet is compatible with conflux chains and ethereum chains, with integration support for the React and Vue3 frameworks.Wallet Connection, Fluent wallet, MetaMask, React, Vue3
Scaffold ConfluxInstructions for Scaffold Conflux, the adaptation of Scaffold-ETH-2 template, enabling you to deploy the contract on Conflux eSpace and utilize the components, integration of hardhat, and the swift deployment of Scaffold-ETH-2.Scaffold, Hardhat, Conflux eSpace


TitleDescriptionKey Subjects
IPFS Overview &
Pinata Tutorial
What IPFS is and how to "pin" files to IPFS using Pinata. Valuable for NFT development if you're looking to upload files to IPFSNFT development, IPFS