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Web3 Paywall


Web3 Paywall is a set of smart contracts on Conflux eSpace that you can purchase development resource with cryptocurrency as a consumer.

How to purchase

1.View app resource services provided by developers. applist

2.Connect Metamask or Fluent Wallet and switch to Conflux eSpace network. connectwallet

3.Select service to purchase, and choose the cryptocurrency you want to pay, CFX or USDT are supported. purchase

4.The purchased services show in the paid apps. padlist

5.Click the ApiKey button to obtain the key with signature. sign apikey

You can purchase mainnet subscriptions with cryptocurrency of Confura RPC and ConfluxScan API upgrade services on confluxhub currently.

Testnet Purchase Guidance

If you want to purchase the testnet Confura RPC and ConfluxScan API upgrade service, you can visit confluxhub to purchase it.

Before you purchase the services of testnet, you can obtain some eSpace test tokens first.

1.Visit Conflux eSpace Faucet

2.Select test token, then fill the received address and the capcha code. faucet

3.Click claim button and wait for a while.

4.Follow the above process to purchase the testnet Confura RPC and ConfluxScan API upgrade service.

How to use Api Key

  • Confura RPC Pro-Service: append your api key to the url of RPC endpoint (eg.,<api-key>)

    Making sure your api key works: visit the interfaces not supported by free tier, e.g. cfx_newFilter for core space and eth_newFilter for espace Making sure you are NOT connecting to https://* endpoint. These are backup endpoints where api key will not take effect.

  • ConfluxScan API Pro-Service: use api key as query (e.g.<api-key>)