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Conflux-Rust v2.1.0 is a small hardfork upgrade. In this upgrade 5 new CIPs will be activate, and also some improvement about storage and RPC.

New CIPs

  • CIP-94: proposes to use on-chain DAO voting to decide and update reward parameters without hardfork.
  • CIP-97: proposes to remove account's staking lists.
  • CIP-98: Fix a bug in BLOCKHASH opcode in eSpace.
  • CIP-99: Allow more not-voting terms before we force-retire a node, and make the unlock period of a retiring node shorter to allow the node to rejoin the PoS voting faster.
  • CIP-105 PoS staking based minimal DAO vote count.

New InternalContract

CIP-94 also has introduce a new InternalContract ParamControl at hex address 0x0888000000000000000000000000000000000007. This contract can be used to retrive parameter info and participate in DAO vote.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

pragma solidity >=0.8.0;

interface ParamsControl {
struct Vote {
uint16 topic_index;
uint256[3] votes;

/*** Query Functions ***/
* @dev cast vote for parameters
* @param vote_round The round to vote for
* @param vote_data The list of votes to cast
function castVote(uint64 vote_round, Vote[] calldata vote_data) external;

* @dev read the vote data of an account
* @param addr The address of the account to read
function readVote(address addr) external view returns (Vote[] memory);

* @dev Current vote round
function currentRound() external view returns (uint64);

* @dev read the total votes of given round
* @param vote_round The vote number
function totalVotes(uint64 vote_round) external view returns (Vote[] memory);

* @dev read the PoS stake for the round.
function posStakeForVotes(uint64) external view returns (uint256);

event CastVote(uint64 indexed vote_round, address indexed addr, uint16 indexed topic_index, uint256[3] votes);
event RevokeVote(uint64 indexed vote_round, address indexed addr, uint16 indexed topic_index, uint256[3] votes);



Allow snapshots to be removed during recovery. This reduces the disk space requirement for full node sync or recovery.

In v2.1.0 Conflux-Rust also brought support for fullstate query, which means we can query state at any blockchain height. For example we can query an address cfx:aaketjh9tkj5g2k4zx3kfvb9vkku8nr956n0en4fhe's balance at height 100000 with method cfx_getBalance by specifying the second parameter.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw ' {
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": "15922956697249514502",
"method": "cfx_getBalance",
"params": [

To support conflux fullstate query, a archive node with configuration enable_single_mpt_storage enabled is required. And the node need sync data from genesis to construct all the history states. Besides nodes can also set single_mpt_space = "evm" to only store eSpace states.


  • Support eth_subscribe and eth_unsubscribe in eSpace RPCs.
  • Add a RPC method cfx_getParamsFromVote to return the currently used value of the voted parameters.
  • Return null for getting skipped transactions and receipts. Whether they will be returned was nondeterministic before, but now they are ensured to be null.

Update schedule


  • v2.1.0 hardfork epochNumber has been set to 56800000 (estimated on Oct. 18th, 2022 (GMT+8))
  • CIP-94 activate blockNumber is 133800000 (estimated on Oct. 25th, 2022 (GMT+8))
  • CIP-99 activate PoS blockNumber is 330000 (estimated on Oct. 25th, 2022 (GMT+8))


  • v2.1.0 hardfork epochNumber has been set to 88100000 (around 22:00 Aug.17th, 2022(GMT+8))
  • CIP-94 activate blockNumber is 112400000
  • CIP-99 activate PoS blockNumber is 342000