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Transferring Funds Across Spaces


The easiest way to transfer assets between Core Space and eSpace is to use ConfluxHub. We recommend that you set up two wallets: Fluent for Core Space and MetaMask for eSpace.

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Follow these steps to make a cross-space transfer:

  • Start by clicking on Connect Wallet to connect your Fluent and MetaMask wallets to ConfluxHub.
  • To: Conflux eSpace at the top shows that you are making a transfer from Core Space to eSpace. If you would like to make a transfer in the other direction, click on the arrow next to this text.
  • In the Conflux eSpace Destination Address field, type in your eSpace address or click the MetaMask icon on the right to fill this field automatically.
  • Next, select the token that you want to transfer and enter the transfer amount.
  • If the button on the bottom says Approve, click on it to submit an ERC20 token approval first.
  • Once the button on the bottom says Transfer, click on it to make the transfer.

Making a cross-space transfer from eSpace to Core Space follows a similar process but it has two main steps: First, transfer the token to the bridge on eSpace. Second, withdraw the token from the bridge on Core Space. Please follow the site’s instructions.

⚠️ When making a cross-space transfer, always double check your addresses to avoid accidental asset loss.