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Oracles are data feeds that enable smart contracts on the blockchain to access off-chain data sources. This functionality is crucial, as Ethereum-based smart contracts are inherently unable to access information stored outside the blockchain network by default. For further information, you can explore Ethereum's Oracle documentation.

There are already oracle services available on Conflux eSpace.


Pyth is a renowned oracle service in the industry, offering Smarter Data for Smarter Contracts. It ensures the security of your smart contracts by providing reliable, low-latency market data sourced from institutional-grade providers. Developers can build applications utilizing high-fidelity oracle feeds, specifically designed for mission-critical systems.

Pyth is already integrated in Conflux eSpace, you can use it directly. Check it's documentation for how to use it in your smart contracts.


Witnet is a permissionless, decentralized, and censorship-resistant oracle helping smart contracts to react to real world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees.


Currently Chainlink is not integrated in Conflux eSpace, we are working on it.