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Run an eSpace Node

eSpace and Core Space share a common node program, so please refer to the Core Space Node Operation Guide for running a node. Below are some eSpace specific configurations.

eSpace RPC configuration

To setup a eSpace RPC node, you need to open the following configuration items:

public_evm_rpc_apis = "evm"

eSpace's RPC endpoint port is different from Core Space, you can not access the eth RPC interface at the Core Space RPC port.

Full State

To enable full state for eSpace, you need to set the single_mpt_space parameter to evm and run a archive node.

single_mpt_space = "evm"

By enable full state, you can query the state of the contract or account at any block height.

eSpace Chain ID

The eSpace mainnet chain ID is 1030, testnet is 71. Normally you don't need to change this.

evm_chain_id = 1030


the method eth_getTransactionCount does not exist/is not available

Please check if the RPC port is correct. The default RPC port of eSpace is 8545, is different with Core Space RPC port.

Is eSpace use same node with Core Space ?


Does eSpace node have blockchain data snapshot?

Yes, same with Core Space.