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ConfluxScan API

ConfluxScan is a block explorer for the Conflux network, just like Etherscan for Ethereum. It provides a RESTful API for developers to query aggregated blockchain data. The API is free to use and compatible with the Etherscan API.

Usage Scenarios

If you want get data like these:

  • The transaction history of an address
  • The NFTs owned by an address or a contract
  • The ERC20 tokens owned by an address or a contract
  • The ERC20 token transfer history of an address or a contract
  • Verify the source code of a contract, get the ABI of a contract
  • Query block number by timestamp

Then you can use the ConfluxScan API to get the data you want. For a complete list of API endpoints, see API swagger doc.

API Endpoints

The API endpoints are listed below:

  • Mainnet:
  • Testnet:

Check API's rate limit, notes in it's swagger doc.


If the free quota is not enough for your usage, you can apply for an API key by contact us via email at or make a purchase through the Web3 Paywall