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Conflux eSpace initially supports transactions in the Ethereum 155 format (legacy transactions). After the v2.4.0 hardfork, it starts to accept type-1 (EIP-2930) and type-2 (EIP-1559) format transactions. This compatibility enables seamless transition for mainstream Ethereum SDKs and tools. Type-3 transactions (EIP-4844) are currently not supported.

Ciclo de vida de la transacción

The transaction lifecycle in eSpace mirrors that of Core Space, detailed in Transaction Lifecycle. However, it differs slightly from Ethereum’s transaction lifecycle, particularly because Ethereum transactions do not require a deferment of 5 blocks to execute.

Specifically, the safe and finalized ethereum block tag is supported in Conflux context for:

  • safe: it means the block is confirmed by the PoW rule, corresponding to the core space's latest_confirmed epoch tag. A safe transaction means an extremely low probability of being reverted.
  • finalized: it means the block is finalized by the Conflux PoS chain, corresponding to the core space's latest_finalized epoch tag. A finalized transaction means it has zero probability of being reverted unless the attacker possesses more than 67% of the CFX staked in PoS.

Handling Transaction Errors

Should you encounter pending eSpace transactions or failures in execution, the troubleshooting methods are the same as those used in Core Space. For more information, refer to Why is my transaction pending?. Additionally, the RPC’s eth_sendRawTransaction may encounter errors similar to those seen in Core Space, detailed in sending transactions errors.


How many block confirmations are required for a transaction to be considered final?

It takes about 400 block confirmation before a transaction gets finalized. What's more, the finalized block tag is also supported in Conflux to infer the latest finalized block.

Does eSpace support EIP-4844?

No, eSpace does not support EIP-4844 at this time.